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Donation to Kgatleng District Development Fund

On August the 5th we were visited by the council Chairman for the Kgatleng District Council Honorable Daniel Molokwe who was accompanied by Council Secretary, Economic planner. LED Commissioner Hon. Councillor Kgakole and Hon Councillor Pilane who is the chairman of Kgatleng District Development Fund (KDDF). Honorable Daniel Molokwe wished to appreciate DWD Technologies Group’s operations and donations to Kgatleng District Development Fund.


The donation of the borehole to the game park was a much-needed one as it will open doors to local and hopefully international tourism to generate income for the district. the district currently has an issue with vehicle repair and hopes to create a partnership with DWD Technologies Groupe (Pty) Ltd to help the council.

The district commissioner was happy to have the opportunity to visit DWD on a Friday and appreciate the company as it is one of the biggest employing companies within the district. it’s the councillor’s hope to create partnerships with companies that invest within the community.

On behalf of DWD, we value the Council’s visit. We are happy to be here and we all face challenges together in this community

We take it day by day and are glad to have helped the community in the past. We have our 3rd and 4th generation to place back into the community and work together to create a better future for everyone involved

“In unity we strive, in unity we grow and in unity we trust”


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