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Welcome to DWD Drilling

DWD Drilling is the drilling arm within DWD Technologies Group and has been in operation since 1948 focusing on the drilling of deep, large diameter boreholes. This specialisation is made possible through custom designed and built drill rigs that are able to withstand the extreme conditions the mining sector faces in Southern Africa. This includes gold and diamond drilling.


We strive to satisfy the drilling requirements of clients worldwide, through state-of-the-art equipment, innovative drilling techniques and design. 


 All our drilling rigs, designed and custom-built in our workshops, are of large capacity and our compressors are all high pressure output. Most of our supply vehicle fleet is all-wheel drive to ensure the proper supply of all drilling units, even at the remotest sites. Our managers are all experienced drillers, technically up to date and able to meet the challenge of any drilling requirements.

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