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Borehole Donation | The Mochudi Resource Centre For The Blind

MRC Borehole Donation
MRC Borehole Donation

On Saturday, 12 March 12016, the Mochudi Resource Centre for the Blind held a small ceremony to mark the official handover of a borehole drilled by Dewet Drilling.

Past President Barry Evans had obtained permission from the Land Board and Water Affairs to drill a borehole at the site of the proposed new facilities of the Mochudi Resource Centre for the Blind. President Bill McLellan approached Hentie de Wet of Dewet Drilling for the costing to drill the borehole. Hentie offered the services of Dewet Drilling and got financial support from the Matsieng Flying Mission (Matsieng Flying Mission organize a yearly air show where all the proceeds go to charity and community projects).

The ceremony was attended by President Bill McLellan, Past President John Cunliffe and Rotarians Graham Burt, Alan Golding, Alex Georgiades and Chris Sharp.

We were shown the drilling operation and we were advised that they had reached some water at a depth of 200m but that the sponsors had agreed to going down a further 50m to see if they could not get a better supply.

During the ceremony, Mrs Sophie Moalosi thanked Dewet Drilling, Matsieng Flying Mission and the Rotary Club of Gaborone for their support and for contributing to making the borehole a reality. She advised that in the short term the water would be used for the maintenance of a vegetable garden which would supplement the feeding of the children at their current location in Mochudi.

Posted by: Graham Burt | Rotary Club Gaborone


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